Ignition: First Post

Photo credit: NASA Johnson via VisualHunt/CC BY-NC

Welcome to the inaugural post of my newborn writing blog. While it might credibly be argued that the world does not absolutely need another writing blog, that countless thronging thousands of them are enough, I feel the twenty-first century empowers me to dismiss that as h8ter talk and blithely press on. I begin it on my birthday. For purely imaginary magical thinking reasons, this feels auspicious.

Primarily, this is my blog and my posts here will be whatever I want them to be. But the focus will be writing, particularly from the perspective of someone who is returning to it after a long break and is trying to shake the rust off and make progress. I certainly understand the persistence that writing can require! I’m also a mature-age student of sociology and criminology, and hope to post about how those disciplines intersect with writing. And there’ll be the usual freight of personal posts. The world needs to know what I had for lunch! (Pizza today, for the historical record, but it’s my birthday so the excursion into saturated fat is permitted.)

All that said, the blog is still very much under construction, so while this post will sit here quietly marking the inception, regular posting may not begin for a little while. If you do pass through during the construction phase, do please check back soon…

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